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Quimper Menu Cards - HB & HR Quimper

Quimper Menu Cards

One writes on these with a grease pencil, or uses a flour-and-water paste on a small card: either method washes off easily.

CRESCENT MENU: 6-1/2" high, 6-1/2" across, 3-1/4" deep, moon and star design presages heavenly dining, n'est-ce pas?  Ca. 1910, in perfect condition, this is a handsome addition to your table setting.

$495, plus shipping (contact us for shipping quote).

SHIELD MENU: 6-1/4" high, 5" across, 3" deep. The blazon of Brittany is embossed, adding an important element to the seated distaff spinner below. Late 19th century, in perfect condition.

​$165, plus shipping (contact us for shipping quote).

To Purchase contact Merchant of Prato 866.813.1879