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French Faience Bookends Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf Circa 1930-50. (J) - SOLD

Book ends, together they are 11” long, 4” wide, 7-3/4” high (to the top of “Grandmother’s” ears). These are the most delightful bookends to cross our path in many a long day! Little Red Riding Hood knocks on one bookend door, and the Wolf, rigged out as Grandmother, peers out over the other. From her costume, we deduce these were done in the 1930-50s. There are no identifying marks, so we will not even hazard a guess as to where in France they were made, just that they are in excellent condition, and all ready to grace a shelf of children’s books, or cookbooks, or reference books about French faience.

Price: $475 shipping $55. To purchase contact Merchant of Prato 866.813.1879