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Bagpipe Snuff and Small Dish Circa 1912, 1920 (J) - SOLD

Bagpipe Shapes. Since the Bretons  are a Celtic people, it is no surprise that the bagpipe, heard at weddings and festivals all year long, also shows up often in their pottery, sometimes the piper on a plate or platter, often, as here, the shape is used in many different and amusing ways.

Small Dish, 4 3/4" long, 3 3/8" wide. Small, yes, but also an important little piece. His costume is richly detailed in tones of blue, pink and purple, those colors carried through in the pipes and bows. A very rare dated signature: HB Janvier 1912, possibly meant as a birthday or anniversary gift for someone special.
$175, plus $10 shipping.

Snuff bottle (called a tabatiere), 3" long, 2" across.  A dear fat little shape, with some of the original cork stopper still in place. Signed HR Quimper, it is almost the same age as its companion, ca. 1920. For the collector of snuffs, one of these is a classic ( or for the lover of small objets). $135, shipping $10. Combined shipping for these two: $15.

To purchase contact Merchant of Prato 866.813.1879