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Two Quimper Platters - HB and HB Quimper - Turn of the Century (J)- SOLD

Two Quimper platters,  12” and 13” diameter. This bold, unusual border frames two different scenes of Breton life. In each one, the artist has used traditional figures and backgrounds but grouped them differently than we usually see. The 12” size is signed HB Quimper on the front; it is in perfect condition, though there is some “snow” on the figures, which occasionally happened in the firing process long ago. The 13” size is signed HB on the back; it, too, is in perfect condition. These are slightly deep-dish in form and would be superb as serving pieces on your holiday table.

Price $350 each or $600 for Pair plus $30 postage for one, $60 for the pair.  To purchase contact Merchant of Prato 866.813.1879