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HB Quimper Candlestick Circa 1905 - SOLD

Candlestick, 6” high on a 4 ¼” diameter base. Signed HB Quimper, and that famous 5 ( an artist that connoisseurs look for), ca. 1905. Really good old candlesticks are so hard to find, we always recommend buying odd ones for several reasons: 1. A grouping of singles, different shapes,  sizes and periods, is quite stunning on a table, and 2. One never, ever knows when a mate might show up…then even more combinations are possible. This is a sturdy beauty, with a finely-drawn seated lady, knitting, and graceful bands of color outlines above and below. In perfect condition (we did leave the candle wax in the cup at the top, nice to see that this was well-used). $300, plus $10 shipping.

To purchase contact Merchant of Prato 866.813.1879