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Old Yellow Pitcher HB Circa 1920 (J) - SOLD

#101-0585, 0586:

Pitcher, 6 ½” high, 6” from spout to handle. An urban landscape (Central Park, perhaps) done very rarely. Orange, maroon, and manganese on yellow is a very dramatic color combination. In perfect condition. S: Quimper, it is clearly from the HB production of the early 1920’s. 

It must be noted that the camera did not take kindly to the yellow backgrounds, making some look much paler than they really are… think “Butter” and “Sunshine”!

$110, plus Shipping: $15.

To purchase contact Merchant of Prato 866.813.1879

The yellow glazes were first used after the end of World War I, a time of great artistic experimentation at the Quimper faienceries. As the American market developed and fell in love with these colors, so did the variety of designs chosen …many of them trials, with a very brief run, some highly successful and continued for a long time. This collection comes from a well-known American dealer/collector, and exemplifies the range of choices that were once available with these glazes.