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Three Pieces of the Old Yellow Quimper - Circa 1930 (J)

#101-0578: Three Pieces of the Old Yellow Quimper, a nice array of patterns and uses. All ca. 1930.

Ashtray, 4” square, would make a perfect spoon rest. S: HenRiot Quimper. The traditional little Breton man.  In perfect condition. $50

Tile, 4 ½” square. No signature, but clearly from the HenRiot production of the late 1920’s. Charming folk-y basket of flowers, and sawtooth border. Several glaze skips around the rim, and a tiny chip gone from the underside of the upper right-hand corner (not visible either standing up or lying down.) $50

Souvenir Plate, 4 ¼” diameter. S: Vernet-les-Bains, where it was meant to be sold, the little man wearing its regional dress. In perfect condition. $35.
Special price for the three: $100

Shipping: $10 any one piece, $15 the three.

To purchase contact Merchant of Prato 866.813.1879