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Little Figures circa 1935 (J) - SOLD

Little Figures.  Each is approximately 5 3/4" high on a 2 1/2" diameter base. They are all signed Henriot Quimper, "Vonnik" in the yellow apron, carrying a basket, also has France added to her signature.  All are ca. 1935. Three of the four have had modest professional  care: usually a little nose rub that needed fixing."Perrinik" and "Vonnik", carrying baskets, are $150 each, "Vonnik" with her distaff and spindle, and "Perrik", her young man, are $175 each. Shipping for one or two figures: $15, for three or four: $20. To purchase contact Merchant of Prato 866.813.1879 .

Vonnik is still available - The rest are sold.