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1st Period Porquier Beau - Late 19th Century

Porquier Beau Scalloped Bowl:

10 1/2" diameter,  2 3/4" high to top of scallops, the footed base is a sturdy 5 3/4" diameter, about 3/4" high. One could safely pile it with berries and grapes without fear of tipping! A  dramatic spray of lilies fills the bowl, so it is always gorgeous to look at. This is first-period Porquier Beau, late 19th century, and came directly from a house in Quimper, where it had obviously been treasured, as it is in perfect condition.

Signed with the intersecting P and B of that time.

$1095, plus $50 shipping.

To purchase contact Merchant of Prato 866.813.1879