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Henriot Quimper "Flower Seller" By Charles Mallard Circa 1930 - SOLD

 The Flower-Seller by Charles Maillard

7 1/2" high, 9" long, 6" across. One of the truly great pieces that he did, a triumph of sculpting as well as faience. The tension and balance between her flowing skirts and her large basket, pierced and ready to be filled with water and flowers, if you choose, are a marvel of good design. She is a lovely centerpiece, where she can be viewed from all sides, or, on a sideboard, where a mirror behind her will double the effect.

Signed on the bottom: HENRIOT Quimper, CH. MAILLARD. Ca. 1930, when so much exciting work was being done there.

$1725, shipping $60.

To purchase contact Merchant of Prato 866.813.1879