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Heart Shaped Snuff Circa 1875 (J)- SOLD

Heart-shaped Snuff: 3” long, 2 ½” across, 1 ½” deep. This is a stout heart, indeed! Unsigned, probably AP, ca. 1875, it is in beautiful condition, with just the merest fleck of glaze at the mouth, on the rooster side. There are also several tiny glaze pops in the dark blue surround, but they are original to the firing, and we never change those. This is one of the best of all the snuff variations: rooster on one side, beautiful daisy on the other, and a

plump shape to hold in the palm of one’s hand and admire….an irresistible Valentine, for sure. $300, plus $15 for shipping.

To purchase contact Merchant of Prato 866.813.1879