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Sabots - Great CHRISTMAS GIFT (J) - SOLD

Little wooden shoes, or sabots, as they are called in French, are worn by peasants all over Europe (not just the Dutch!). So we have often had to correct the misconception about Quimper ware being from Holland (or even Pennsylvania Dutch!)

The Breton folk, both men and women, show up on plates and other pieces,  wearing them as part of their traditional everyday attire. However, there is also a fascinating back story connected with these shoes: the word "sabotage" , which has become part of the English language, comes from the French word, and refers to the Industrial Revolution, when French workers, in their fear and anger at new machinery and methods of production, threw their wooden shoes into the machines to disable them: hence: sabotage!

These tiny versions have been produced for a long time, and were actually used as open salts on the table, hence the rim wear we find on these very early ones.

Top row, reading from left to right:
Unsigned AP ca. 1880: $85    HB, ca. 1890: $50   HR Quimper, ca. 1910: $60
These are each 3" long, 1" across, 1 1/2" high. All have modest rim wear, but may certainly be used.
Bottom Row:  SOLD
Pair: HB Quimper, ca. 1925. $110 the pair. Excellent condition, she shows modest rim wear.

Shipping $10, any one or two, $15 for three or more. They are so small we must use a larger-than-needed box so they don't get lost!