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Henriot Quimper Figural Vase - Circa 1922 (J)

Figural Vase, 3 pics:

Figural Vase, 6 ¾” long, 5 ¾” high. One of the iconic forms created, originally, in a very large size.
In fact, we show it twice in our book,” Collecting Quimper”, once on p.13, and again, in another collection, on p.47. That is the coat-of-arms of Quimper on the front, that of Brittany on the back.

The figures are very nicely modeled and richly colored. She needed a tiny nose job, hence our restorer’s three red dots on the bottom. Little bouquets, either fresh or dried, look charming in the vase part, though this is a piece that stands well on its own wherever you place it. S:HenRiot Quimper, ca. 1922. $575, plus $25 shipping.

To purchase contact Merchant of Prato 866.813.1879