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Figures - Market Lady, Woodman, Small Market Lady Circa 1930 (J)

Three Regional Figures. These are all Quimper, 1930's, not all signed, but probably all by Galland: his style, his color palette.

Market Lady, 5 1/2" high, base 2 3/4"x 2 1/4". She is carrying a large basket and the traditional duck-handled umbrella (hard to find, both on the figures, or even, in reality, in Quimper!). $175, plus $12 shipping.

Woodsman, 4 3/4" high, base 1 1/2" diameter. With his sack and ladder and striped cap to add when the cold sets in! He is the one figure with full signature: Henriot Quimper France. $150, plus $12 shipping.

Small Market Lady, 3 3/4" high, base 1 1/2" diameter. A younger, more colorful version , with a small basket, and umbrella almost unfurled, ready for that good Brittany weather. $135, plus $10 shipping.

Price for all three figures: $405, combined shipping: $18.

To purchase contact Merchant of Prato 866.813.1879