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Snuffs - SOLD

A set of 3 snuffs,They all have great color and detail.

The one on the right is a round HB Quimper snuff, circa 1900, mint, 3" dia. Price is $175 + $30 for postage. 

The one on the left is round with an embossed fleur dis lys and ermine tail, It is Porquier, circa 1890, 2.75" dia, you can see in the pics some glaze skipping but no chipping, so I feel it is excellent to mint condition. Price is $175 + $30 for postage.

The bottle snuff in the center is Porquier and very rare, circa 1880, mint, 3.25 long x 1.5" wide.
Price is $440 + $30 for postage.

ALL 3 for $750 + $30 for postage.

To purchase contact Merchant of Prato 866.813.1879